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Compare Remortgages For Bad Credit

If you are looking for to remortgage with bad credit, Remortgage Quotes Online works with over 40 lenders who are willing to take a view on all credit histories. We work across the whole of market, including high street banks and specialist lenders who are able to offer quotes for different circumstances.

We understand that circumstances can arise that can change your financial situation and credit score, but this should not stop you from getting the best remortgage deal.

We Use a Soft Credit Check

We carry out a soft credit check so applying will not harm your credit rating. By entering a few basic details, we are able to give you a list of quotes in real-time from different mortgage providers. You can enter your details online, get a quote in just a few minutes and you can use our calculator provided to compare the rates.

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Why Apply With Remortgage Quotes Online?

  • Quotes from over 40 lenders
  • Bad credit considered
  • Soft credit search with no impact to your credit score
  • Real-time quotes when you apply
  • Save money when you remortgage
  • Whole of market quotes included

How To Get a Remortgage With Bad Credit

The criteria for getting a remortgage can be a little stricter than getting a regular mortgage, and even tougher if you have a bad credit rating. However, there are lenders and providers to assist with every type of applicant and there are ways to maximize your chances of approval.

Your credit score is improving : Although you may have a bad credit score and have a few defaults on your credit file, potential lenders will be encouraged if they see that your credit score is improving. If you are successfully making payments for your current mortgage, credit cards and other loans, this will give providers confidence that you will be able to make future repayments on time.

You have made mortgage repayments on time : Although you may have payments for loans and credit cards in arrears, some lenders may be more lenient if you have always made your mortgage repayments on time. This will demonstrate your commitment to keeping up with your mortgage and will give reassurance.

Improve your credit score : There may be some quick ways to improve your credit score, such as closing down any unused credit cards or store cards or using debt consolidation to pay off your existing bills. Equally, if you have a joint account or mortgage with someone with bad credit, it could be worth disassociating from them or applying for a new mortgage as an individual, and this could help you remortgage effectively.

Try different mortgage lenders : High street banks are typically a bit stricter with who they lend to, but there is a wave of new specialist lenders who are more flexible and open to helping people with adverse credit histories, those who are self-employed and other backgrounds. Since Remortgage Quotes Online works with the whole of market, you are able to get a quote from a range of providers and get one step closer to a remortgage with bad credit.

What is The Eligibility For a Bad Credit Mortgage?

  • Your debt-to-loan ratio is not too high
  • Your defaults have been cleared or satisfied
  • You are employed with a stable and regular income
  • You have made previous mortgage payments on time
  • Your credit score is getting better, not worse

What Information Do I Need to Apply with Remortgage Quotes Online?

To provide an instant quote, we need a few basic details which can be completed through our online application form. We require information such as your current property value, outstanding mortgage amount, address, income and contact details.

Our application uses a soft credit check so there is no impact to your credit rating when you apply and all quotes provided are completely free and no obligation.

To get an initial quote, simply click on the button below.