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Buy to Let Remortgages – Compare Rates and Deals

As a landlord or buy to let investor, you might be looking at the different remortgaging options available. Rather than settling for a higher standard variable rate (SVR), Remortgage Quotes Online offers a whole of market comparison service, allowing you to access the best rates and guide you through the process.

By helping you switch to a lower rate, you could save hundreds of pounds per month on your buy to let mortgage and maintain a better profit margin when renting out to your tenants.

We can find rates from over 80 mortgage providers in the UK and can help you get the best deal according to your requirements. To get a free no obligation quote in minutes, simply click on the button below and enter your details online.

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How can I get the best rate on my remortgage?

When you have entered your details, we will present you with a list of competitive quotes. You will notice that there are different options available including tracker, fixed and variable. Depending on your circumstances, can you find the best option for you.

Tracker: It is tracked just above the Bank of England base rate and depending on the market, can offer a very competitive rate.

Fixed: This is a rate that stays the same through your loan term and for many, offers peace of mind knowing the exact amount you will be paying each month.

Variable: This changes from month-to-month according to the cost of the mortgage and the Bank of England base rate.

Stepped: This rate starts very low and then increases a little year-after-year. As a landlord, you benefit from the first year or two at a very low rate.

Are there additional fees when remortgaging?

Yes, there are always fees when remortgaging such as solicitor fees (conveyancing), property valuation fees (£400 to £1,000), early exit fees from your existing mortgage and arrangement fees from your new mortgage provider. As mortgage specialists, Remortgage Quotes Online will assist you to help you save money long-term.

How Remortgage Quotes Online can help

We set up in 2016 with a passion for helping homeowners and landlords to find the best remortgage deals for them. As a registered broker with the Financial Conduct Authority, we aim to show transparency and clarity in all the quotes and offers on our website.

Our soft credit check means that there will not be any impact to your credit rating and any quotes provided are completely free and no obligation. We have helped over 50,000 customers switch and get a better mortgage offer and we are delighted to be able to help you too. Get started by clicking on the button below and filling in your details.