Complaints Policy

Thank you for visiting Remortgage Quotes Online, here are a couple of important things for you to know.

Remortgage Quotes Online is a trading style of Mycasa LLC. Mycasa LLC is registered in United States of America. The principal place of business is 24 Broadkill Rd #479, Milton, Delaware 19968 1008 USA. Remortgage Quotes Online is a registered trading name of Mycasa LLC which is an Appointed Representative of Everything Financial Limited. We are entered on the Financial Services Register under reference number 812876. Everything Financial Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is entered on the Financial Services Register under reference number 742815.

In respect of any complaint that choose to make, it will be responded to by Everything Financial Ltd.

We strive to offer the best service possible to our customers, unfortunately in some circumstances we may fall short of the high standards you should expect. We absolutely want to know if you have a concern, comment or complaint about the service we offer. Complaints help us to improve and become better at what we do. We accept that we are not perfect, but we promise to investigate any complaint thoroughly, respond as quick as possible and put our findings into practice if it makes us better.

If you are unhappy with any element of the Everything Financial service, please contact us using one of the methods below:

  1. Everything Financial Ltd
    Riverside, Mountbatten Way,
    Congleton CW12 1DY, UK
  2. Email : Please email
  3. Telephone : Call us on 0330 0975930 - note calls to this number cost no more than calls to 01 and 02 numbers

If you are sending us a written complaint, please supply your details, a description of your complaint and how you think we can resolve it, and any other relevant information.

How long will it take?

Your complaint will be acknowledged promptly, and we will do all we can to resolve your complaint quickly. If we are to resolve your complaint within three working days after the receipt to your satisfaction, we will send you a short letter called a summary resolution communication confirming this. This letter will be sent out no later than two business days after resolution.

Where complaints may take longer to fully investigate or if we need to look into the matter in more detail, we’ll send you an acknowledgement usually by email within five working days.

We will always try our best to respond to your complaint as quickly as possible and we’ll send you our final response no later than eight weeks from when you first complained however in most cases you will receive a final response within four weeks of us receiving your complaint.

If we cannot complete our investigation within eight weeks, we will contact you to explain the delay and give you an indication of when to expect our response.

If you’re unhappy with the progress of your complaint or not happy with our final response, at this point, you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

The Financial Ombudsman Service will only deal with your complaint if you have given us the opportunity to put matters right, so please contact us first and we will do all we can to help you.

Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)

If you want the FOS to consider your complaint, you must send your complaint to them within 6 months of the date of our final response. Their contact details are:

  1. The Financial Ombudsman Service
    Exchange Tower
    E14 9SR
  2. Telephone :
    0300 1239 123 calls to this number cost no more than calls to 01 and 02 numbers
    0800 0234 567 calls to this number are now free on mobile phones and landlines
  3. Email :

Information regarding the service can be found on the Financial Ombudsman website:

European Online Dispute Resolution Platform

In relation to your complaint you can also request a review from the European Online Dispute Resolution platform:

This Customer Complaints Policy v5.0 shall be deemed effective as of 16/11/2020. No part of this Policy shall have retroactive effect and shall thus apply only to matters occurring on or after this date.