Cookie Notice

This notice outlines how we use cookies on our website and what it means for you.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information which are placed on your device when you access our website. They keep the site secure, make sure it works properly and help us give you the best browsing experience.

There are different types of cookies:

  1. Session cookies are to collect and send information while your browser is open on our website.
  2. Persistent cookies stay on your device for longer. This helps us identify your device in the future and means we can remember any preferences you've set. They each have their own timeframe for staying on your device.
  3. First-party cookies are cookies we set.
  4. Third-party cookies are set by a different website to the one you are visiting. These could be an advertising network, search engine or social media platform. They may also set additional cookies for their own purposes.
  5. Each cookie can be stored on your browser for a different length of time, ranging from just a session to several years.

How we use cookies

We do not use cookies to collect information about you which identifies you personally.

We use cookies for several reasons, such as to:

  1. Help keep the site secure.
  2. Remember your preferences when you visit our website.
  3. Understand the device you are using when you used our service, the content you viewed and how you got to us (like through a search engine). This is so we can give you a better experience.

The following sections have more information about the different types of cookie we use.

Turning cookies off

You can choose which cookies are active or not by navigating to the 'Change cookie consent' link, which is the icon in the shape of a cookie, usually at the bottom left of your screen. Here you'll be able to switch on or off all cookies except for strictly necessary cookies, which are needed to make the site work properly. You can change your preferences whenever you like.

Most browsers let you control your cookie settings. If you switch off strictly necessary cookies through your browser, be aware that the site may not work as you'd expect. You won't be able to complete our enquiry form, and we can't guarantee that the site will be secure when you use it.

Find out how to manage cookies on popular browsers:

  1. Google Chrome (opens in a new window)
  2. Microsoft Edge (opens in a new window)
  3. Mozilla Firefox (opens in a new window)
  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer (opens in a new window)
  5. Opera (opens in a new window)
  6. Apple Safari (opens in a new window)