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Should I Remortgage?

The latest research into home loans has shown that last October, around 50,500 homeowners remortgaged their properties, increasing from the previous year by 23%. The UK’s total worth of remortgages is currently at a staggering £9.2 billion...

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How Does Remortgaging Work?

Remortgaging, as the name suggests, is when you switch the current repayment plan on your mortgage to another – whether it is with the same or different mortgage provider. This is usually done to help people better manage their mortgage repayments or get a better deal...

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When is it good to switch mortgages

Switching your mortgage can be a good move in numerous different circumstances, helping you to get a cheaper deal on your monthly repayments.However, you need to find the right balance and strike at the right time to get the best remortgage deal...

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Buy to Let Remortgages Compare Rates and Deals

As a landlord or buy to let investor, you might be looking at the different remortgaging options available. Rather than settling for a higher standard variable rate (SVR), Remortgage Quotes Online offers a whole of market comparison service...

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Should I Remortgage to Consolidate Debts?

Whilst consolidating your accrued debt with your mortgage may seem like a great idea, and in some cases it can be, managing your debt in this way requires careful consideration. It is vital to ensure all options of managing this debt have been explored...

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