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It is brilliant and so easy. I just couldn't believe it. I had been thinking about remortgaging for quite some time. - Karl P., London
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Our Mortgage Matcher finds your perfect deal from 80+ lenders and 20,000+ products, including the latest best-buys.

Why do you want to remortgage?

Why do we need to know the reason for remortgaging?

Knowing the reason for the remortgage helps us narrow down the questions we need to ask in order to get you your quote

Is this remortgage for a buy to let property?

Where's the property?

Why do we need to know where the property is?

Some mortgage lenders only operate in specific parts of the UK, so in order to find the right quote for you we need to only search the ones who lend in your area.

What's the property worth?

Why we need the property value?

The value of your home helps us work out your loan to value and match your mortgage needs with lenders' rules.

Minimum property cost should be {{viewState.MinPropertyCost | currency:'£':0}} Please tell us the property value

What's your mortgage balance (roughly)?

Why do we need to know your mortgage balance?

Your current mortgage help us with the other part of working out your loan to value. The actual balance can be verified later.

Balance should be less than {{model.PropertyCost | currency:'£':0}} Please tell us mortgage balance

How much more do you want to borrow?

Minimum amount should be {{viewState.MinLookingToBorrow | currency:'£':0}} Please tell us how much you are looking to borrow

Has your introductory rate ended or is it due to end in the next 6 months?

Why do we need to know if your tied in for more than 6 months?

A remortgage quote can be valid for 6 months meaning that if you have less than 6 months to go on your introductory deal a decision in principle could be locked in now before interest rates move again. If you are tied in for more than 6 months, dont worry, take a look at what current rates look like with our quote.